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Number Of Participant Activities
2435 Inclusive education enhances the equal participation of Children with Disabilities for education, sports, art & cultural program of school event. With the collaboration of school teachers, parents, DPOs leaders encourage childrenwith Disabilities for getting inclusive academic supports for their careers. Although MSS workers formation inclusive children club for reducing the barriers between Children with Disabilities& Children without disabilities like: Gender discrimination, accessibilities barriers and equality participation in art & sports program of school like: song, dance, indoor & outdoor games. 182 school event has been organized in 177 school with 2435 Participation including 337 children with disability were participated.
486 Children’s Parliament is an inclusive and democratic body- of the children for the children by the children. Children’s Parliament is a federation that addresses local, State, national and forums towards affecting their own lives and their rights to education, health, nutrition, accessibilities, child protection, domestic violence, and children drop out and child labor. 37 meeting has been organized with reformation of children parliament at cluster, block & project level with 486 children. Through the collaboration with school teachers, DPO leaders and parents, formed 16 cluster level children parliament (1 cluster level children parliament include 8 to 12 villages), 6 block level children parliament with 1 child parliament at project level has been formed.
3960 Model Aaganwadi primarily focus on the vulnerable and malnourished children and children with disabilities they provide supplementary nutrition to children below the age of six and nursing in inclusive education, nutrition and hygiene of children with disabilities those who are 0-6 years of age group in Aaganwadi. An Aaganwadi is a rural health care center for mothers and children run by the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme is one of the flagship programmes of the government of India and represents one of the world’s largest and unique programmes for early childhood care and development. In project there are 22 Model Aaganwadi each Model Aaganwadi contain 10-20 children. Field staff visited 3960 time to Model Aaganawadi.
40 Formation of farmer organization at Village level for conservation & protection of forest from unexpected or intended fire, cuttings, plantation, wild food and discussing with Secretary of panchayat regarding FRA. Organized meeting with community people. And discussed about FRA rights and its benefits for people at village level formation of FRA. In 2019, 12 villages have been approved under the CFR act by Gramsabha including 2 villages has been received CFR approval. 40 FRA has been approved by gramsabha.
664 Awareness amongst community people regarding forest conservation, natural resources and biodiversity which is surrounding of nature to keep a balance between eco system and environment also aware about FRA/CFR act 2006-2007 policy regarding rights of forest production, NTFP, water, land for importance of CFR approval letters and its implantation procedure regarding rights of forest, water, natural resources, wild food, flowers, rivers, wild life. Even aware about PESA act and its implement procedure at grassroots level. 51 village level awareness meeting has been organized in 12 villages of koriya & surajpur district with 664 community people.
85 2 State level meeting has been organized about social, political, economical and cultural with security development of tribal community because tribal people have better control and management of forest conservation and natural resources for improving their livelihood and income with 85 participation.
1115 6 cluster and block level meeting have been organized in khadgaon, bhandardehi and koriya blocks regarding conservation of forest, natural resources, water conservation, conservation of wild food and wild life. 6 meeting have been organized with 1115 participation.
165 Water pollution is one of the measure cause of livelihood because after the industrial revolution it has a very bad effects on livelihood and specially water, whatever things came from mines like dust and poison gas are polluting water and also effecting river. For that reason it was harmful to human being, animal and marine animals. Because of this polluted water people are suffering from various skin diseases. Polluted water is also causing extinction of animals and affecting the agriculture. 165 meeting with individual human beings within the community.
70 Compensatory a forestation Fund Management and planning Authority (CAMPA) is the funding agency which is covering 4500 acre land of farmers for forestry though CAMPA fund. By the support of local leaders organized awareness meeting with PRI member’s regarding forest of villages through CAMPA. In that meeting all PRI members were against the CAMPA fund because they said it should implement by Adani group of industries covering areas for illegal cover land and resources. 8 Gramsabha have been organized with 70 participation (Male-39, female-31).
30 On the occasion of world plantation days 150 tress are been planted by the staff members to keep the environment clean and health atmosphere. 35 participation in plantation of trees.
532 This year organized various skill development trainings like mushroom production at community level as well as tailoring training at block level for people with disabilities at Matti resources center Kataroli. All total 10 skill development training has been organized where total number of participation was 532 including 231 Person with disability.
6730 This year organized 857 SHGs meeting where 6730 People participate including 1795 People with disability about strengthening and forming women group included women with disabilities about their livelihood, IGP, regular saving, monthly meeting and maintaining registers. Also gave information about various govt. schemes, women group leadership and oriented them about how to fight against their rights, liberty, dignity, gender discrimination and reservation for their entire women group in society. Aware them about group strengthening and group dynamic to help them for team work by group formation. Total 35 new SHGs have been formed included 350 members.
529 This year Selected people with disabilities and people without disabilities were linked in microenterprises for their livelihood and provided Income generation program (IGP) like: Small Merchant, animal husbandry, tailoring and Mushroom production for financial support & 179 IGPs have been distributed. In this Year MSS has also formed 7 Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) with 350 members including 70 People with disabilities for their sustainability of livelihood for accesscapital fund utilization.
1389 Advocacy & collaboration with govt. officers of medical officers, teachers, AWDs, ANMs and ASHA workers, department of social welfare for medical rehabilitation, certification, pension, assistive device, enrollment and inclusive education of people with disabilities also access certification, pension, assistive device and enrollment of Children with disabilities. Advocacy with govt. officers 1398 people with disabilities access certification, 92 people with disabilities access assistive devices, 27 children with disabilities enrolled in school, 79 people with disabilities access Pension & Rasan card.
3282 Advocacy with PRI members on RPWDs act and policy 2017 for participation of Person With Disability at local bodies. 406 Panchayat Level meeting, 3821 participation including gram sabha and 779 People with Disabilities. 7 Block Level meeting, 168 participation including 36 people with disabilities.
270 Staff capacities build training has been organized with project staff members included CBR workers, DPOs leaders, Volunteers, block coordinator and Program manager regarding CBR program, CBR matrix, Program monitoring, evaluation, Outcomes of program activities and achievement, need assessment, Gender equity, Physiotherapy and child safe guarding trainings. 9 staff capacities build training has been organized on Program management and gender equality training with 270 staff members.
118 Capacities build training for youth is to enable rural youth to learn the process of group activities with various exercise i.e. group work, group presentation for improvement of leadership qualities, skill & abilities for self-confidence, self reliable & self esteem, even learn the process of work with individual, community & people with disabilities rights & their entitlement. 3 youths training has been organized with 118 (M-72/ F-46) participation.
114 District level DPOs leadership training: Enhance the role & responsibilities of DPOs leaders regarding panchayat to block level DPOs federation for implantation of disabilities different orders and notification about disabilities rights & entitlement i.e. certification, pension, inclusive education, accessibilities, livelihood, employment opportunity and reservation for people with disabilities. 2 DPOs leadership training has been organized with114 participation of DPO leaders
60 Block level PRI training: is to improve the active participation & support of PRI members along with local leaders for implementation procedure of different orders, notification regarding RPWDs act and policy 2016 with the collaboration with CBR committee, DPOs leaders, community leaders, AWDs, ANMs, ASHA workers for disabilities different issue related certification, pension, inclusive education, employment opportunity, livelihood opportunity, accessibilities facilities, Unique ID etc. 2 meeting has been done with 60 participation including 7 people with disabilities.
11688 Organized awareness meeting at Village level about barrier of people with disabilities like: social stigma, physical barriers, policy barriers, social barriers, prejudice and gender discrimination. Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017, Rights of persons with disabilities Act 2016 and policy about certification, pension, reservation, education, ration card, job card, Adhar card, student scholarship, medical certification camp at block level for pension. Discussed about formation of D.P.Os federation at Panchayat level. Group strengthening by group formation and CBR committee formation at panchayat level. 11688 people participated including people with disabilities in awareness meeting which was organized at 265 villages.
1014 Formation and strengthening CBR committees at panchayat level. CBR committees consists of 2 DPOs members, 2 PRI members, 2 ANMs workers, 2 parents, 2 teachers, 2 AWDs, 2 SHGs members for promote people with disabilities with different issue related certification, pension, employment, livelihood, reservation, scholarship, assistive device, enrollment of people with disabilities at panchayat level. 65 CBR committees have been formed with 966 members. 78 meeting has been organized with 1014 participation.
331 This year wrote different slogans and messages on 331 walls in 56 villages about Peoples With Disabilities. And in each village wrote very simple word. Because those people who read that message and slogan they would understand and will share disable people needs and demands for education, health and livelihood.
5537 Organized panchayat level DPOs federation meeting about strengthening and improved their leadership quality as well as regular monthly meeting with specific issue on people with disabilities like: certification, pension, reservation, livelihood and according to RPWDs act and policy 2017. Meeting 757 with 5537 People with disability participation.
1233 Organized District level and block level DPO meeting about Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017, Rights of persons with disabilities Act 2016 and policy, medical certification camp, govt. scheme and reservation, education facilities for Children with disability, certification, pension, ration card, formation CBR committee, group formation, people with disability participation in local body, skill training, livelihood and process of formation Block and district level DPOs federation. 39 blocks and 3 District level DPOs meeting has been organized with 1233 People with disabilities participation.
136 Organize 2 State Level BVJF Meeting with participation of 136 including People with disabilities and DPO Leader about social, political, economical development of Person with Disabilities, RPWDs act and policy 2017, reservation, People with disabilities lokpal, mantralaya, inclusive education, certification, pension, Role and responsibilities of CVJF Federation and formation process. 1 national level DPO meeting has been held on Delhi.
844 Organized world disabilities day celebration at Ramanujnagar block. On this day specially focused on people with disabilities livelihood, assessment, rights and entitlement, disabilities inclusion, women with disabilities, Promote dignity, Mainstream disabilities, reservation, ensure equality, social policy, empowerment, inclusive education, skill training, leadership training, linking with various govt. Schemes. 844 People with disabilities have participated.
1398 1398 People with disabilities access medical certification through Govt. Hospital Surajpur districtincluded PHCs (Primary health care service)
328 328 Children with disabilities access Physiotherapy& Home based education.
92 92 people with disability are provided with assistive device for their easy accessibility of life
2300 2300 IEC materials have been distributed to relevant stakeholders like: PRI members, AWDs workers, ANMs workers, govt. teachers and govt. officers, DPOs leaders and community leaders about RPWDs act and policy 2017.