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Community based inclusive development for people with disable and Protect the Natural Resource for Livelihoods

In 1992 a group of local youths and social activists, led by Mehdilal initiated a functional group to conserve, protect and manage the natural resource for livelihoods of the tribal communities, community based Inclusive development for people with disable on 10 district of  Chhattigarh state. In 1995 MSS was registered as a voluntary organization under the societies Registration Act.

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Latest News

  • Cultural Programs

    22 Jul 2016, Five cultural teams, consist of local folk artist, were developed for mass awareness creation il all the 46 villages. The team moved from village to village educating the community on different aspects of the MGNREG act. The community met the food and lodging expenses of the cultural teams....
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  • Protection and Promotion of Environment

    22 Jul 2016, By the efforts of MSS thousands of trees were protected from illegally cutting by the Forest department and other mafias. Various awareness generation programs have created awareness for the need for protecting and safeguarding the forest from destruction and there by ensured protection, conservation and management of forest involving the community. People started to oppose establishment of big industries, mining that causes deforestation, air and water pollution, destruction of the environme...
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  • Various Awareness

    22 Jul 2016, building and legal aid activities have facilitated in promotion of CBOs (women, youth & farmers) and emergence of local leadership and they were able to find solution to their various problems to improve their quality of life. Gram Sabha has been strengthened in all the target villages and there is an increased participation of all sections of the community, especially women. in Panchayat meetings and taking appropriate decisions to improve their condition, availing various Govt. schemes, inc...
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  • Drawing the curtains on a successful second batch at the NFLC

    22 Jul 2016, EXCEED or Expanding Community Enterprise and Economic Development is the training and advisory program of the Non-Timber Forest Produce- Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP). An EXCEED training is scheduled to take place in Kotagiri from August 1-6, 2016. EXCEED targeted to support the work of NGOs, government agencies and community- based enterprises in the...
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